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     We are manufacturer’s representatives who represent what we feel are THE BEST companies and product lines along with the people who work there in our industries, both Jan/San and Food Service.  We provide cleaning, sanitizing and disinfectants to help keep you, your employees and facilities safe in today’s environment.

     Anteau Sales & Marketing strengths lie in its ability to connect with people and help others succeed and grow.  We represent a limited number of lines and that allows us to focus on our manufacturers and you the customer day in and day out.  Each line represented is independent and does not have conflict with another line, this allows us to grow together.


     Anteau Sales & Marketing will always take the long view and take the time to meet with you personally to develop action plans, clear objectives/strategies, and goals to once again help you grow and succeed.

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Phone: (734) 770-0652

860 Central Park Blvd.

Monroe, MI 488162




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